Welcome to LiarTown 2.0

This is a depository of stupid ideas from Sean Tejaratchi (me), with a few collaborations as noted.

LiarTown, also known as LiarTownUSA, first appeared on Tumblr in 2014. It lasted until late 2018, when Tumblr’s strict “No pornography” policy was adopted. Rather than continue under the new rules, I left. What remains on LiarTownUSA.tumblr.com is incomplete, with all NSFW material purged from the timeline.

In 2017, Feral House published LiarTown: The First Four Years. It contains just about everything up to my departure, plus occasional extra material in the margins.

This site, active since February 2021, reinstates all NSFW material. Posts are archived in original chronological order.

The layout here carries over the design of the original incarnation. I’ve added a few improvements, including better archives and search ability, a tags list, and links to merchandise. There are also pages where I can make any relevant notes and occasionally recommend things I love.

I can be contacted here, or directly at LiarTownUSA at gmail.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to the new site. If you like what’s here, I’m happy. If you don’t, dry your eyes, wring out that soggy old diaper, and hopefully find some small consolation in the knowledge it was never meant for you.

Thank you, Sean Tejaratchi