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Two deeply wonderful audio episodes from friend (and LiarTown collaborator) Rachel Lichtman.

“Banjo, the Man-Faced Dog” by Calvin Kasulke

Today I learned that a fellow named Calvin Kasulke has crafted a five-part radio play around the beloved character of Banjo, the Man-Faced dog.
First appearing in the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the big-hearted rascal returned in the heartwarming 1979 spin-off “Make Way for Banjo.”
Calvin’s engrossing (and well-produced) audio saga involves a public radio reporter joining Banjo as the four-legged scamp searches for his wife in the aftermath of a cataclysmic natural disaster.
“I won’t let you eat this man. He’s a good dog.”
I am ri-goddamned-delighted by Calvin’s project. Anyone who can combine this kind of sustained effort with such a singular focus is a hero in my book.
You can find the episodes here, in easy-to-listen (and purchase!) form:
Thank you, Calvin, for this stirring reminder that even the power of the courage of a man-faced dog can inspire and remind others to become what the inner strength to achieve what the power of each of us, in our hearts, together with inspiration of even a man-faced dog, can accomplish as a reminder of what inspiration can, when within our hearts, from the love of man-faced dog.