2018’s Farewell Message on Tumblr

[The following was my final statement on Tumblr as it prepared to enforce new rules on NSFW material.]

Goodbye and Thank you.

As you probably know, starting December 17th, 2018, Tumblr will ban all porn and explicit imagery. Like so many other blogs, LiarTown will soon be flagged for its adult, offensive, and sexual content. Rather than neuter material to fit Tumblr’s new standards, I’m leaving. I expect many posts will no longer be visible, and I’ve already noticed nonsexual material is being flagged. I don’t expect much will be left.

Whatever makes the cut will stay up, but I will no longer publish new LiarTown material on Tumblr. I have years’ worth of images still to make, though, so I’ll be actively searching for another platform or archive. Any suggestions are welcome. I chose tumblr because it let me post what I wanted without much fuss. I’m sure there are other outlets suitable for my minimal needs. One way or another, LiarTown will continue, and wherever I end up, I’ll post it all again. When I have updates on a new home, I’ll give details here.

For anyone wishing to contact me, I’m at liartownusa at gmail.

As for Tumblr, I sincerely hope its embrace of prudishness ironically fucks it right into oblivion. In the haunting, immortal words I once saw spraypainted on a boarded-up McDonald’s: Eat McShit and Die.