LiartownUSA is proud to present six sweet-ass postcards, on sale now to benefit Reading Frenzy, a small press store in Portland, OR.

The cards can be purchased in a set (two of each design), or in any combination you want. They’re 4×6, full color, featuring these designs:

Enjoy Your Shit-Assed Little Bark Machine
Have You Seen Your Cat?
Frida Kahlo, Self-Portrait with Small Monkey and Trucker’s Cap, 1945
Central Ohio Horse Arsonist
The Hardy Boys Lose Their Shit
Craft God Art & Hobby Supply

Reading Frenzy, independently owned and operated by Chloe Eudaly for over 21 years, is very dear to my heart. Chloe’s store has been there for everyone who dares to reach for the stars, unafraid to ride the lightning straight to the top of the limit. Believing in dreams. Living towards the stars. Goals and dreams, together, at the same time.