Randy Whitebird’s Sports Inferno Audio Real Estate Seminars Cassette Tape No.7
and Braniel Hamb’s 4-Part System-4-Success Cassette Tape F1

Gloomy Orphans of Norway 2021 Calendar

Cooking with Lotion 2020 Calendar

1967 Issue of OPO: Japanese Opossum Fancy Zine

Vintage VHS titles, 1989-1993
Curse of Honor
Action Squaw
Jacques Cousteau Mysteries
—Blood on the Waves, Murder at White Cross Bay

VHS Porn Collection 3
Phineas Q. Phobstopper’s Fantabulous Dildatorial Contrapulation
Anal Destiny
Big-Titted Grannies II: Return to Ghost Mountain
Big-Titted Grannies IV: Mystery of the Lone Oak
Flood Rescue Ends in 3-Way
Sex Allergy
North Dakota Girls
Backrub Island
Minivan Surprise
Interracial DMV
Week in the Niece

VHS Porn Collection 2
Extreme Ladygirls
Zoinks! That’s My Ass
Grunion Fuckers
Old Teens Vol. II
Thrust Exercise

VHS Porn Collection 1
Bosnian Mature Peasant Uprising
Sex Witches of Pleasure Mountain
Mature Timeshare Gymnast
Alan Alda’s All-Anal Attack
Shame Jungle

Bereaved from Behind
More or Less Twins
That Looks Uncomfortable Vol. II
Farfetched Couplings III
Dog Fucks Squirrel While Cat Watches

Miscellaneous VHS Titles
Superstars of Macramé—Caroline Horshey, 1987
Father O’Malley: Toilet Priest
Encyclopedia Brown SVU—Innocence Lost, Endgame
Guns of the Amish

Family VHS Titles
Flasky the Christian Urine Sample—Noah’s Wonderful Ark
Too Many Dads—Diaperactive, Collic What You Will
Dum-Dum Demon—”Y’allpurgisnacht”

Schtain’s Department Store Commercial frames
with Rachel Lichtman

Conversation Cologne by Gene Hackman
Lord Kevin Children’s Pantyhose
Wish-Kabob Fondue Sabre Set
Genuine Diamonnaire Affection Bands by Exorbitánte

Legends of Beverage Photography United States Postage Stamps
Etelka Watkins
Uffrica Pripyat

Imaginary Objects French Postage Stamps
Le Garvus
Le Jallit
Le Krepsy
Tigre de Tarte
Dieu des Plombiers
Intimidateur de salade

Television Extras United States Postage Stamps
Cheers—Arlene Sparger
The Andy Griffith Show—Jimmy Dellman
Columbo—Frances Vuknic

Gentrification United States Postage Stamps

Vintage VHS titles, 1989-1994
Possibly Gary
No Time for Wizards
Heaven’s Banjo
Elegant Deceptions

Pigeon Holes magazine

Granny Gloves No.8 DVD

Tinker Bill postcard, 1970

Unpopular Colors United States Postage Stamps

Commemorative Challenger Buttons, Mexico, 1986-87

Have a Great Thursday from Todd

Business Cards, 1986-2012

Dave Schome, Sr., Ashland Gum Wholesalers
Christine Jesperson, Hide-a-Horse Equine Concealment Systems
Neptune’s Closet Dive Supply, Ashland, OR
Threebears Dogcongress, Breathwing Yoga
Margarine Isis Rebirthing Services
Piles Carpetorium, McMinnville, OR

Horsecrime Calendar, 2021

Doulas vs. Midwives 2021 Calendar