Yearbooks: 1967, 1956, 1952, 1989
The Fontanelle, South Eugene High School, Eugene, OR, 1967
Crowley Thelemic Technical Institute, Pasadena, CA, 1956
Eltonville Arts & Crafts College, Eltonville, MD, 1952
Las Pudendas High School, Las Pudendas, CA, 1989

“Hakuna Dentata” Braniel Jarles 2014 Pinot Noir

Marvel’s Dour Hallway Punch-Up, Episode 0101, Dark Passage

Ostrander, Episode 0903, An Early Frost

Vintage Department Store Credit Cards, 1964–1982


Angry Red Meals, Sunset Magazine, 1980

Riders’ Weaves Vol.16  No.8

Banal Teens Magazine

Awake! Cover, November 2015, Western Banded Chevalier

Awake! Cover, October 2015, Goatqueen

Awake! Cover, September 2015, Chowdercat

Paul Rand More Efficient IBM Design

DJ NtimaC flyer, Las Vegas Convention Center

Christian Fruits “Funversion Therapy” DVD

Anti-Lighthouse Matchbooks

Buddy Rose, International Floral Designer: Murder by Any Other Name by Trevor Schlage

Anna from Heaven by Dr. Faye Shelbert

They Don’t Call It Sin Anymore by Bruce Lambson


Ghost Puncher: Spirits of the Old Plantation

Nestin Bird Lubricants ad, Beautiful Bird Magazine, Oct. 1949


Nestin Petroleum Business Card, 2014

The Malediction Prophecy IV

Featheur® Owl Cream Ad

British Pub Sign
The Lazarus Rat, Farnham, Surrey

British Pub Sign
The 3/4″ x 1/8″ Threaded Hex Bushing, Norwich

British Pub Sign
The Devil’s Midwife, Brighton