The Lazarus Rat (1949)

Preen® Bird Products Ad

Traditional British Pub Signs
The Sleepy Peanut, Cambridge
Branch & Diaper, Leeds
Three Turds, Chelmsford

Playbill Theatre Magazines
Glen: A Life in Music
Judie Brown’s It Is You I Who Has I Chosen What Who a fffff
Mother, You’ve Done It Again

Theatre Posters
Mannapas Community College presents “The Meeting on the Mound”
Marsha Olmec High School presents “Sway Harder with the Wind”

Crabsongs, Vol.3 (2002)

“Hunting Masks” United States Postage Stamps, 2014

Zenryo (Japanese Hunting and Hunting Dog Magazine), July 2013

Hound & Hunter, Vol.22 No.3, Fall 1955

Make and Sell Canine Hunting Masks pamphlet

DJ Matt, P.I., Episode 0403

DJ Matt, P.I., Episode 0305

DJ Matt, P.I., Episode 0101

Build and Decorate Your Own Gene Hackman Sauna

The What? How? Wonder Book of Hobbies

Hello Cruel World by Anne Geddes (with apologies to The Mekons).

Tragedy Quilts 2016 Calendar

Injured? Billboard, Jacob Ernup, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

Nurture Magazine, March 2014

Mitten & Glove fetish titles
Mitten Man No.10
Filthy Mitts No.4

Brown Carrot Business Card

CRAFT GOD Art & Hobby Supply Poster 2

The Last Bodybuilder by Dr. Corbin Vuknic

Feelings: Get to know ‘em! poster

Dress Your Cursed & Haunted Doll in Humiliating Outfits