It’s 2024, and the Social Justice Kittens are back with twelve inspiring new months! Each of these adorable activists has been professionally photographed in a heroic pose appropriate to a small cat defiantly speaking out on the hottest issues of the day. 

Unlike the bland, conventionally attractive kittens that colonize lesser kitten calendars, the Social Justice Kittens radiate fierce strength in the face of untold adversity, and all are gifted with a dazzling array of genders and orientations! Thanks to LiarTown, you can now stand back supportively as these cuddly crusaders use precolonial, ancestral, indigenous, and marginalized knowledges to fight endless new forms of power and oppression!

Those adorable also-rans the Social Justice Puppies have returned, too! Although they’re still learning how to sit down, shut up, and stay in their lane, these floppy failures know better than to expect a cookie for their epic struggle sessions and enthusiastic self-debasement. Tolerate them if you must, but remember that these sweet sad sacks use their tears as ammunition in their arsenal of oppression!


It’s 2023, and the Social Justice Kittens are back!

It’s a dark time for the kittens, who find themselves speaking truth not only to the formless, all-powerful nightmare of white supremacy, but growing “white-adjacent” forces who foolishly lash out in ill-considered disagreement. No matter what mask it wears, the status quo is desperate to crush these dinky darlings’ righteous rebellion. The constant threat of annihilation means absolutely anything the kittens do or say is completely justified!

The Social Justice Puppies are back, too, sniffing for crumbs of approval and acceptance, always ready to announce their devotion to justice and denounce their despicable, unenlightened littermates!

This glossy, full-color, 12” x 12” grid-style wall calendar is available NOW and shipping immediately. Each year’s calendar sells out, usually in December, so act quickly to make sure others will have no reason to doubt you’re on the right side of history.

As usual, all kitten and puppy dialogue are taken from genuine social media posts. said it best: “The absolute best cat calendar!” 

Talkin’ ‘Bout Tina

Heavy Widow Fetish Porn DVDs

Big Beautiful Widows (2017)
Heavy Hearts (2017)
Mourning Thiccness (2018)

Competing colonics storefronts, Raleigh, NC, 2018
Hindfulness Gastrocleanse & Colonic Detailing
Buttwaters Chill & Fill Wellness Lounge

I Want to Bereave

Opolope Postcard, Blessing, TX, 1990


Dick Wolf Presents Law & Order SVU Factory Seconds, Pro Sports Rape Scandal 15-36

Edible Indictments Delivery Van, Washington D.C.


Signage, Los Angeles Area

Former Boys Restaurant, Downtown
Mood Fart Convenience Store, Highland Park
House of Piss Family Restaurant, Los Feliz
Donut Christ, Highland Park

Miscellaneous Indie Albums No.3
Shame Rifle King Congressman
Shame Rifle Death Stink of the Cat God
The Gordie Boucher Promise Self-Titled
The Pink Suds Disaster Confetti

Miscellaneous Indie Albums No.2
Mary, a Ship Won’t Sink Good Morning, Nurse
Mary, a Ship Won’t Sink The Day the Soup Factory Closed in Amarillo
Pinch Weapon Shelmet
Showerclock Skate Church

Miscellaneous Indie Albums No.1
The Romantic Decision In Loco Parentis
The Ain’t Mondrian Shill
And the Deaf Shall Drive Summer’s Steve
Diva Cop Self-Titled

TV Subtitles No.5

Columbo Episode 0303: “Art of Darkness”

Columbo Episode 0302: “Wide Shot”

Rusty, the Falcon’s Hive Hivemaster

Pelt No.10

Back Thatch No.32

California State Lottery cards
Million-Dollar Toilet Bear
Quiet Time Owl Tranquilizer Sweepstakes

Souvenir Menstrual Cups
Dave & Buster’s, Route 66 (Flagstaff, AZ)

Natural Man and Nude Fellow souvenirs and ephemera
Top: Keychains from Gettysburg National Military Park, 1966-2003
Middle: Union Nude Fellow hobby figure and Confederate Natural Man collectible shot glass, 2011
Bottom: Collectible postcard and Bare Heart VHS tape (1996)

For more information on the Natural Men and Nude Fellows of the American Civil War, see hashtags below.

Homemade Diaper Horse toy